Poster session I

Performance of the current climate observations
 Poster Session I
Scope and aims of the conference
This session outlines the need and successes of global climate observations. Keynote presentations will cover the relevance to climate science research, UNFCCC and IPCC and discuss the outcome and recommendations of the recent EUMETSAT Climate Symposium in Darmstadt, 2014. An introduction to the status report and new implementation plan of GCOS are scheduled to provide guidance to the conference.

Poster viewing on 2 March 2016

10:30h -11:00h

 Poster presenter
Performance Improvement of Support Vector Machine Technique for Monthly Rainfall Forecasting
Okuku EDIANG Global warming and the linkage between sea surface temperature analysis along coastline of Lagos, Nigeria.
Nadine GOBRON JRC Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) F4P platform

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