Poster session II

Performance of the current climate observations
 Poster Session II
Successes of the current global observing system
This session will cover keynote and oral presentations from climate in the GCOS domains: ocean, land, cryosphere and atmosphere. We seek contributions that highlight the relevance of climate observations to climate science, the trails and tribulations of obtaining them, and exciting science results.
 Poster presenter
Recent achievements on global forest biomass mapping and characterization of errors
Enhancement of autonomous ocean observation networks in the Atlantic Ocean
Seasonality and inter-annual variability of CH4 fluxes from the eastern Amazon Basin inferred from atmospheric mole fraction profiles
A first Amazon CH4 budget based on atmospheric data
Greg BODEKER The GRUAN Implementation Plan and contributions to the GCOS Implementation Plan
Michael BUCHWITZ The Essential Climate Variable Greenhouse Gases as generated by the ESA project GHG-CCI POSTER
GRUAN: A reference data product for the Vaisala RS92 radiosonde POSTER
Ruud DIRKSEN An overview of the GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN) POSTER
Towards a Combined Surface Temperature Dataset for the Arctic from the Along-Track Scanning Radiometers 
Fouad GADOUALI Evaluation of multiple satellite-derived rainfall products over Morocco
Carlos GARCIA The Brazilian Coastal Monitoring System (SiMCosta) for Climate Studies
Detlev HELMIG Reversal of Long-Term Trends in Ethane Identified from the Global Atmosphere Watch Reactive  Gases Measurement Network POSTER 
Viju JOHN A Fundamental Climate Data Record for Microwave Humidity Sounder Radiances
Suganth KANNAN Global observation system for earthquake data collection and its use in an Innovative  Mathematical Model for Earthquake Prediction
Applicability of data on extreme temperatures for detection of regional climate change
The dynamics change of average annual values of air temperature in instrumental period (on the pattern of mountainous territory of the Republic of the Armenia)
Identifying priorities for global monitoring of marine biology and ecosystems
The International Snow Products Intercomparison and Evaluation Exercise - SnowPEx
Toshiya NAKANO
A long-term reference for detecting oceanic variations in the western North Pacific: JMA 50-year long 137°E 
Vishnu RAJENDRA KUMAR Observation of long range Saharan dust transport using Two Wavelength and Polarization  Lidar over a tropical 
A perspective on observing system needs for some aspects of climate science and services
John REMEDIOS Progress towards long-term land surface temperature data sets for climate studies
Vishwambhar Prasad SATI
Climate Change and its Implications: a Study on Perceptions, Adaption and Resilience in the Himalayan Region
The ESA Climate Modelling User Group’s assessment of satellite climate datasets POSTER
Jinho SHIN
Development of estimation method for essential climate variables using satellite data in South Korea
Bernadette SLOYAN
Changes in Ocean Heat, Carbon Content and Ventilation: A review of the first decade of GO-SHIP global repeat 
Reiner STEINFELDT Decadal Changes in the Storage of Anthropogenic Carbon in the Atlantic
Andreas STERL
15 years of Argo – the importance of observing the interior ocean
Ad STOFFELEN Measuring atmosphere-ocean interaction
Nandin-Erdene TSENDBAZAR
Spatial uncertainties and user-oriented data production for land cover
Karen VEAL
Relating trends in land surface-air temperature difference to soil moisture and evapotranspiration
Global land ice trends from satellite altimeter and gravity missions

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