Poster session III

Adequacy of the current global climate observations
 Poster Session III
Relevance of the current ECVs to improved understanding of the global cycles of water, energy and carbon
This session will cover keynote and oral presentations discussing the possibility of using the current set of ECVs to achieve closure of the three key cycles of the Earth. It will also aim at identifying gaps and missing elements a with the aim of possibly amending the GCOS 2016 Implementation Plan.

Poster viewing on 3 March 2016

10:30h - 11:00h & 14:00h - 14:30h

 Poster presenter
Value of Automated Shipboard Weather Observations for Climate Studies
Masahisa KUBOTA Intercomparison of various products of latent heat flux over the ocean
Bernadette SLOYAN GO-SHIP: An integrated physical, biogeochemical and biological ocean observing platform
Tianbao ZHAO
Water Vapor Change from Radiosonde Observations and Reanalysis Products over China
Gino CASASSA Water contribution of glaciers at an alpine basin in the central Andes of Chile and future projections

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