Poster session V

Planning for future global climate observations
 Poster Session V
Future Observations and Communication of climate science
This session will cover keynote and oral presentations identifying how to best communicate the results of climate science and observations to the general public, policy makers and politicians. It will cover the development of key indicators such as ocean heat content or sea level rise.

Poster viewing on 3 March 2016

10:30h - 11:30h 

 Poster presenter
Andreas BECKER
Towards climate robust high-resolution precipitation monitoring and re-analysis
Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate: Looking ahead
A New Technique for Simultaneous Observations of Observations of Winds and Stress for Mesoscale and Larger Observations
Nigel FOX
Enabling and demonstrating SI traceability of ECVs and climate data records
Nigel FOX Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial- and Helio- Studies (TRUTHS): Establishing a climate and calibration observatory in space
Katherine HILL
A Tropical Pacific Observing System for 2020 and beyond (TPOS 2020)
Towards observation-based land evaporation data records: final results from the ESA WACMOS-ET project
Land surface temperature retrieval from microwave observations: towards the production of a climate record
Balasaheb KULKARNI Climate change and people in state of Maharashtra
Nathaniel LIVESEY
Atmospheric Limb Sounding: Accomplishments, the looming “gap”, and possibilities for filling it
Metrology for climate observation
Community disaster risk management in Kotido district
Matthew PALMER
The International Quality Controlled Ocean Database initiative (IQuOD): a community effort towards climate 
Biomass and Soil Moisture Retrievals from Remote Sensing Data using Machine Learning Methods - Review
Scatterometer-based ocean wind forcing fields
The GAIA-CLIM project: Making more optimal use of non-satellite data to characterise data from satellites POSTER
System of systems approach to measurements: Formalising the reference-baseline-comprehensive networks  POSTER
Michiel Van WEELE  Gaps Assesment and Impacts for atmospheric ECVs in the EU GAIA-CLIM project

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